Converting a wav file to raw data

The File capture device of CamillaDSP can only read raw data. If you want feed it a wav file, this must first be converted to raw data before it can be used.

Using sox

The conversion can be done on the command line using sox.

Convert a wav file to a 32-bit raw file:

sox example.wav --bits 32 example.raw

Using Audacity

Audacity can export audio data as raw files.

To convert a wav file, follow these steps:

  1. Open the wav file
  2. and export it as raw samples
    • In the Header dropdown, select "RAW (header-less)"
    • In the Encoding dropdown, select the format you want to use, for example "Signed 32-bit PCM" for 32 bit singed integers, or "32-bit float" for 32-bit float format.
    • Give a suitable filename and click "save".
    • If the "Edit Metadata Tags" dialog pops up, just click "Ok".

Checking the result

Audacity can also read raw files, and this can be used to verify that the exported file looks reasonable. Just use the File / Import / Raw Data function. Select the same encoding as when saving, and little-endian byte order.